Understaffing and Lack of Training Hampering Agency Services to Public, Personnel Agency Says

“I have spoken to hundreds and hundreds of people in government, and at the end of the day, the human capital challenge is at the heart of the large majority of the big problems. In addition to understaffing, the government is suffering from 'skills gaps' in areas including acquisition, information technology, finance, analysis, engineering, and management support.  Agencies are challenged even to understand the skill sets they need and have in their workforces, and also in hiring and retaining the right people."

Eric Yoder, Washington Post Contributor

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Boxed  Solutions are simply courses, workshops, and training content that have  already been created and field-tested by other clients.  These  trainings are already "Boxed," and with minor revisions are ready to  deliver!  We're able to offer Boxed Solutions at a much cheaper rates  than developing instruction and curriculum from scratch.  We still  customize the Boxed Solutions for every client based on your  organization and current training needs. 

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Unboxed Solutions offer assistance in developing key strategies to improve an association, organization, tribe, or government operation.  Unboxed Solutions generally require an onsite client meeting, development and  completion of a needs assessment, and agreed upon organizational  outcomes.  Examples include:  developing a customized training program, strategic planning, and organizational development.