The Unboxed Leadership Self-Assessment

Hundreds of people have completed the Unboxed Leadership Self-Assessment.  The pilot initiative was conducted in the fall of 2017.  Participants included corporate employees/executives, tribal government, clergy/faith-based officials, government employees, non-profit employees, teachers, board members, consultants, and university students.  Initial findings included:

  • 57.14% of participants had been in leadership roles for 8-24 years.

  • 42.86% of participants had less than seven years experience in managing employees.

  • 17.86% of whom agreed with the statement, "I do what I promise to do - every time, when I promise to do it.  I'm always honest and transparent."

  • 75% of respondents said, "I set goals regularly,  but sometimes it takes me a few weeks before I can reassess my progress."

  • 21.43% of respondents said, "I believe in the philosophy that it costs money to make money.  I'm willing to put my own money at risk for everyone."

  • 39.29% of whom said, "Sometimes I think about how we can make our mission better for the next generation."