Our Approach

Solution Framer

Are you struggling with a challenge or problem within your organization and need some innovative ideas and solutions? Does your organization seem to be experiencing low morale? Has your organization fallen into a typical rut where you need opportunity for change? We may have just the answer at Unboxed Training Solutions, LLC. At Unboxed, we’re more than just delivering a training program, but the focus is on making sure that the training component of your solution is research-based, high quality, and meets standards established by you and your stakeholders. After years of research, we’ve determined that most solutions for corporate and organizations are based on training. At Unboxed, we focus on backwards approach to solution development and management. This factors in human resources, training and development, and the organizational development approach to problem solving.  

Key Questions

What is the anticipated outcome?

How do we get there?

How do we stay motivated?

How do we plan for the new norm?

How will we know if we have been successful?

Who are the stakeholders?

Who should be part of the project team?

Are there models, best practices, or processes that we can learn from?

Free Idea Consultation

Not sure if your challenge or problem is something that we can help with?  Do you just need a brainstorm partner?  Just give Jack a call at 580-745-4393 to discuss ideas that may help.  Ideas are always FREE!  If we can't help you, we can direct you to additional resources.


Because so many of our projects are specifically customized, it's difficult to provide accurate pricing for all.  Our approach to training and solutions is certainly not one size fits all; however, in our Boxed Training section, you can review workshops and speaking topics with generic pricing.  No client budget is too small, since our most basic service is free.