Unboxed Solutions

Unboxed Solutions offer assistance in developing key strategies to improve an association, organization, tribe, or government operation.  Unboxed Solutions generally require an onsite client meeting, development and completion of a needs assessment, and agreed upon organizational outcomes.  Examples include:  developing a customized training program, strategic planning, and organizational development.  

Customized Solutions


Whether it's long-term planning or staff development, our trained team can  help  build any type of program that includes training to ensure that  your  organization produces real-time results.

One-Size Training Doesn't Fit All


There's  a big difference in how people learn.  From learning styles to level of  skill, people need to know they are heard and their skills and  experiences are considered in their training.  We can help develop  individual learning plans that will support mentoring and coaching  sessions.

Strategic Planning


Organizations  should create or refine Strategic Plans every three to five years.   Unboxed has a Strategic Planning Guide that will help walk you through  the process.  Contact us for the free guide.

Organizational Development


From  conducting needs assessments to developing a long-range training plan,  our team is here to help build a human resource strategy that works for  your organization!

Customized Curriculum


Everyone  has specific needs.  Our team of experts can help identify the  individualized needs that come with each position or job.  We can assist  in building a curriculum and training program that will help you get  employees up-to-speed and FAST!

General Unboxed Pricing


It's  difficult to price learning, training, and development needs broadly.   We can work with almost any budget.  A general idea of contracted time  can be priced at $75 an hour for development, and $250 an hour for  training.  Contact us, and we'll work with your budget.