This dynamic, interactive, two-day workshop is open to participants between the ages of 13-18.  Parents and guests may attended at a reduced rate.  

What will participants be able to do upon completion?

  • Accept personal responsibility and strengthen self-esteem in their lives.
  • Create a foundation of principles and values that promote servant leadership and demonstrate characteristics of an effective member of society. 
  • Review tools and techniques that will assist them in clearer communication as well as give them ways to set and accomplish personal goals. 
  • Practice leadership, communication skills, proper etiquette, working with others, decision-making, and problem-solving strategies.
  • Build positive relationships with friends, family, and co-workers.



Ok, so Boot Camp doesn't sound too appealing.  We promise you don't have to do jumping jacks...well, as long as you pay attention and participate.  

Our youth training programs have been taught to thousands of students from Arizona, California, Alaska, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania, just to name a few.  

We promise - you won't get bored or sit for too long.  We understand that you have thoughts and opinions too, and you'll get to share them!  You only need three things for this course to be life-changing.

  1.  Observe 

2.  Participate  

3.  Learn from Others

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Do you need help reinforcing what you tell your kids?  Do you want them to have access to "tried and true" curriculum that has been taught across the United States?  Do you want them to be exposed to difficult scenarios that force them to evaluate and demonstrate their personal values and beliefs?

The Youth Leadership Boot Camp may be just the ticket!  Students will learn integrity,  goal-setting, communication, understand how to learn better, innovation, problem-solving,  risk-taking, visionary leadership, strategy, how to be inclusive, how to build relationships, and  how to facilitate discussions and difficult situations.

The added bonus is two luncheons where participants will learn and demonstrate proper etiquette.  

Community Leaders


You've heard the old adage that "it takes a village to raise a child."  This is your opportunity to give back and mentor community youth.  

During the Youth Leadership Boot Camp, we have many opportunities for business and community leaders to facilitate small group discussions and discuss employability skills with the workplace of tomorrow.

Program Overview

Day 1

Rock Star Leadership

This course focuses on identifying your leadership values and personal mission. Topics include: integrity, goal-setting, problem-solving, communication, risk-taking, and strategic thinking. Participants will leave this course ready to move organizations forward.

The BIG Goal-Setting Guide

Everyone needs goals, but not everyone sticks to them. This course teaching the SMART goal-setting method of: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. Students will leave with developed goals and plans of action to achieve them. 

The Beginner’s Guide to Etiquette 

This three-course luncheon will teach participants essential skills for dining, networking with other people, and proper manners. The course includes the importance of first impressions, technology etiquette, proper handshakes, and how to introduce yourself.

The Interactive Teambuilding Course

This dynamic and motivational obstacle course features power sessions on teambuilding and communication skills. This is a fast-paced workshop where you won’t have time to sit. 

The Ultimate Financial Literacy Game Show

Do you have what it takes to win the ultimate financial game show? 

Topics will include budgeting, credit, financial aid, saving and investing, and banking and financial institutions. 


Day Two

The Art of Public Speaking & Presentation Skills – Part One

Public speaking is no easy feat. Participants will learn different types of communication skills including: informational, persuasive, and impromptu. This course focuses on how to develop a catchy introduction, thorough speech body, and a conclusion. During Part One, participants will be required to perform an impromptu speech relating to business and workplace ethics.

The Art of Public Speaking & Presentation Skills – Part Two

Participants will choose an informational or persuasive topic. They will be given thirty minutes to prepare a speech. After the allotted time, students will present their speech to the group.

Community Leader Luncheon 

This three-course luncheon will provide the opportunity for participants to put their skills to the test while having lunch with local elected and community leaders. 

The Ultimate Unboxed Leader – Part One & Two

This course is an introduction to our flagship curriculum, “The Leader.” Students will learn competencies required of all leaders including: integrity, goal-oriented, communicator, learner, innovator, problem-solver, risk-taker, visionary, strategic, inclusive, relationship-builder, and facilitator. The fast-paced, engaging course will force students out of the comfort zones to learn 

skills required in leadership roles. 

4:45 p.m. Completion Ceremony (All parents and guardians are invited to attend)


Meet The Facilitators



 Jack has more than twenty years of experience with education and leadership development. He is passionate about helping student achieve their goals. He grew up in poverty, divorce, and living in rural America and understands the importance of education and goal setting.


Jack graduated with only 37 students in his high school class. He went on to flunk out of college, become a teacher, and then finish his Master’s Degree. He can offer many stories of what NOT to do and he does believe that sometimes the worst students make the best teachers. He believes in the great quote, “I am who I am because I believe in possibilities.” 

He lives at Lake Eufaula with his spouse, his disabled mom and brother, three dogs, and two cats.



Kelly has a Master’s Degree in Occupational and Adult Education from Oklahoma State University.  Her leadership philosophy is that anyone can be a leader, even without a title.  But having a title does not make you a leader.  

Kelly has a passion for helping people achieve their personal life mission and goals.  People often refer to her as a coach, mentor, and life counselor.   

Her first love is teaching and helping develop skills within young people that will last a lifetime.  She has been a teacher, school administrator, executive director of a non-profit organization, and a small business owner.  

She lives on a cattle ranch with her husband in Buffalo Valley, population 650 (two hundred of which are cattle).  

Registration Fees

Unboxed reserves the right to cancel the workshop if no more than 10 people register. In the event of a cancellcation, a full refund will be provided.

Payment Information

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